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Admissions are open for the 2020 academic session for nursery to class X, with the addition of one class every year. Registration forms are available at the school office.

The age criterion for registration of students for admission to the various classes is as under:

Class Age
Nursery 2½ +
LKG 3 ½ +
UKG 4 ½ +
I 5 ½ +
II 6 ½ +
III 7 ½ +
IV 8 ½ +
V 9 ½ +
VI 10 ½ +
VII 11 +
VIII 12 +
IX 13 +
X 14 +

Following registration, the candidates for Class UKG to Class X will be assessed in English, Hindi and Mathematics. Assessments will be based on the level required at the conclusion of the previous class, and in accordance with the school's syllabus. Candidates for Classes Nursery & LKG will be assessed on the basis of an interview which will be aimed at determining the communication, comprehension and coordination skills of the child. Results of the above assessments will be based strictly on merit and the admission committee reserves the right to reject admission to any candidate.

For further enquiries please call on +91 9557557292