Education - Your Door To The Future

There are separate academic blocks for the junior and senior children.
Both the blocks are identical and overlook each other, separated by the football field.
Summer Valley houses a special atrium in each academic building, to ensure that there
is openness and ample sunlight and ventilation...


At Summer Valley School we always strive for perfection in every stream,
including sports. Sports play a very vital role in the development
of mental strength and physical fitness of a child...

Summer Valley School Moradabad

"Education is what survives when what has learned has been forgotten"

The only constant in this ever-changing world is change, and one factor that enables man to stay abreast of such change is good education. Education, that provides knowledge as well as equips one with the ability to put that knowledge to effective use.

Summer Valley School was set up in Dehradun in April 1994 as an English medium institution to impart to students liberal, balanced and quality education on modern lines so as to inspire the students to become worthy of the rich cultural heritage of India. It strives to be a school that is constantly adapting to the changing scenarios and catering to the ever-changing needs of its students.

Established under the aegis of Summer Valley School, Dehradun, Summer Valley School in Moradabad is committed to develop in our students a passion for knowledge and willingness to learn.

28 years of unmatched excellence…now in Moradabad.

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