Teacher Details

Shaifali Streeting Joshi

With a total experience of twelve years. She is heading the school as the principal. She is an M.Sc., M.A., B.Ed and MBA. . Has worked with schools, college’s and corporates. Is a disciplinarian by nature however, makes herself approachable to all. She strongly believes in making learning fun and interesting for children.

Barnali Banerjee

She is a committed teacher with a comprehensive supervision and supportive nature. She is M.A (English), B.Ed. and has outstanding communication ability. Adept at creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. Loves singing and dancing,

Bhavna Singh

She is a dedicated teacher who is well organized .Possesses strong analytical skills and has the ability to extract, interpret and present relevant information. She is M.Sc., B.Ed. and M.A. in Education. Adept at giving concrete ideas of maths concepts to the students.

Shyamli Puri

She is an experienced teacher with planning and organizational skills. Dedicated and established positive relationships with students and provides tutoring when necessary. She is M.A., B.Ed. and M.Ed. Dynamic and has been interested in computer science

Priya Aggarwal

She is an experienced teacher with a passion for reading books and teaching. Possesses good presentation and communication skills that ensure students to learn the material presented to the best of their ability. She is M.Com, NTT, B.Ed. and M.Ed. Adept in sports.

Shalini Pandey

She is a matured, patient, responsible and dynamic teacher. A good communicator, passionate and energetic. She is M.Sc as well as pursuing B.Ed. Approachable and possesses good listening skills. Loves dramatics and singing.

Neha Kapoor

Adept in organizational skills. She is a responsible teacher who is optimistic and motivated to work with children. She is M.Com, B.Ed, and NTT. She is fond of cooking.

Chhavi Malhotra

She is a hardworking and dedicated teacher. Possesses strong ability to understand child behavior and ability to put together customized lesson plans. She is an M.A, B.Ed. and has a passion for creative skills.

Saurabh Bhatnagar

He is an experienced teacher with knowledge of Hindi Grammar and literature. Skilled in preparing curriculum and syllabus for teaching. Ability to communicate in written and verbal Hindi and English. He is M.A., B.Ed. Fond of reading books and poetry.

Shikha Batra

Creative and interactive craft teacher .Adept at Teaching various art concepts and methods in a way that’re fun, engaging and insightful. She is B.Ed. Adept at planning activities meant to develop skills and assess existing abilities . Vast experience with various handicrafts projects, utilities and assortment of materials.


She is specialized in efficiently utilizing learning assets to foster positive productive learning environment. She is M.Com and has done NTT. Excellent ability to engage with students. Has a keen interest in dance.

Harpreet Kaur

She is a hardworking and dedicated teacher. Actively participates in creating new teaching schemes. Has the ability to create a vibrant teaching atmosphere. She is in M.Com and pursuing B.Ed. Has keen interest in dance.

Sana Sharafat

She is a responsible and committed teacher. Able to incorporate fun games and interactive activities into lessons. Intensive knowledge on how to establish good relationship with children. She is B.Com and pursuing B.Ed. She is fond of dancing and listening to music.

Megha Jain

She is good communicator, a patient and responsible teacher. She is a B.Com. and M.A in English .Passionate and energetic with excellent creative attitude. Fond of arts, craft and dancing

Reha Khatrapal

She is a dedicated office management professional with experience in handling a wide range of administrative, technical and executive support task. Skilled relationship builder with a proven ability to work with different personality styles. She is an MBA.